10 Commonly Asked Car Insurance Questions Answered

There is a lot of excitement involved in purchasing a brand new car. But it is also essential to know that buying car insurance is very beneficial. Most of the people avoid it because buying car insurance can get confusing, even though there is a lot of information already available on the internet. You might still have questions regarding the same.

Mentioned below are answers provided to ten most frequently asked questions:

  1. Is it compulsory to buy a car insurance policy?

If you are driving your car in India, it becomes mandatory to purchase car insurance as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. If you drive an uninsured vehicle on Indian roads, a penalty will be charged. You must at least have a Third-party Liability Car Insurance Policy. However, you can opt for a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy as it offers extensive coverage.

  1. Will the money be refunded if my car isn’t involved in an accident?

You won’t get your money back even if you are not involved in an accident. However, there is something known as a No Claim Bonus (NCB) that the insurance company provides you. It is a concession that you will receive when you go to renew your car insurance policy, for every consecutive claim-free year.

  1. In case I lose my policy documents, do I need to purchase the policy again?

If your policy is still active, simply contact your insurer, and they will provide you with the copy. Although, some insurers send a soft copy of the car insurance policy after purchasing it, to the email id you’ve registered.

  1. If I do not want the car insurance that my dealer is providing, what do I do?

You don’t need to buy the car insurance policy that your dealer is providing.  You can simply visit the insurance company’s website and purchase it directly from there.

  1. Is it possible to only buy add-on covers?

Add-on covers are not standalone products, and so it is not possible to buy them without having an insurance policy. You can only purchase these additional covers along with a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy.

  1. If I forget to renew my car insurance policy, will the penalty be charged for driving?

Yes, a penalty will be charged if you are driving your car with expired car insurance. It is equal to having no insurance.

  1. Is it necessary to mention that I have a commercial vehicle while insuring it?

Even though the process of insuring a commercial vehicle is the same as that of a regular one, you must mention it to the insurer that you would like to opt for commercial vehicle insurance.

  1. Is it alright to buy just one insurance policy for all of my three cars?

It is not possible to bundle three cars under a single policy. You will have to purchase an insurance policy for each car.

  1. If I move to a different state in India, will my car insurance still be valid?

When you purchase car insurance, it will be valid across India. However, if you wish to shift to a new state permanently, you must follow a certain process that is stipulated by the relevant Regional Transport Office (RTO). Also, make sure to inform your insurance company about the same.


  1. What is the process of switching my insurance provider?

It is effortless to switch your car insurance provider. When your car insurance policy’s expiry date is nearing, you can renew it from the insurance company you prefer and make the switch. You can simply renew or even purchase a car insurance policy online.

Also, to get the best and customized car insurance policy for yourself, you can compare various policies online. With the help of car insurance premium calculator, you can even calculate your premium online. In case of any other doubts, you can simply visit your car insurance company’s website and get the detail you require. Or, make a call to the insurance company’s executive and have your queries solved.