Accidents at Work And Personal Injury

It’s every company’s duty to provide a safe workplace environment for all employees. Generally, a risk assessment will detail all appropriate measures to undertake in order to reduce the risk of injury due to workplace accidents.

Training is often required from time to time to ensure that up to date appropriate health and safety measures are undertaken in order to provide a ‘safe as possible’ environment for workers. Unfortunately, no matter how much effort is applied, work injuries will still happen, and they tend to happen rather frequently.

No industry is free from accidents at work because hazards are forever present although often avoidable. But the severity of accidents will differ immensely, and a lot of that is according to the risk assessment in place, and whether or not it’s fit for purpose.

Here are the most common types of workplace injuries that could possibly result in a personal injury claim:

  • Slips and falls – These types of injuries tend to happen quite often due to spillages, debris on the floor, unsafe worn or torn carpets and flooring.
  • Being hit – Such as falling debris from shelving and stock, collapsing ceilings, scaffolding or ladders are all commonly claimed for.
  • Machinery – Workplace machinery can be highly hazardous, especially if appropriate safety clothing, goggles, and gloves are not provided. Often noted injuries include trapped clothing, loss of fingers and or hands, and severe damage to limbs such as arms, legs.
  • Crushing – Again, without safety measures in place, people have been caught up in rather deadly situations, which has had a massive impact on their lives. Crushing by means of a large object resulting in injury to the pelvis, arms, legs, or torso is incredibly serious.
  • Electrical – Electric shocks, some of which can also result in burns.
  • Substance exposure – Exposure to certain types of substances such as Gas, nuclear chemicals, asbestos, etc. can all have significant consequences on the human body.
  • Lifting and carrying – Lifting heavy objects without the appropriate equipment can cause injury to the back and neck and in some rare cases, can even result in a stroke.
  • Repetitive strain – vibrations and typing can result in strains and carpal tunnel overtime when frequently done. Also, issues with eyesight and severe migraines, etc. have been reported in the past.
  • Violence – Workplace abuse and attacks between employees (and or employers) resulting in physical harm or verbal & threatening abuse affecting one’s self-esteem and morale.

If you have been injured in an accident at work, you may be able to make a claim for compensation. Getting the help of a Personal Injury Solicitor and starting a claim sooner rather than later may be beneficial as recommended treatment(s) can be arranged to assist in recovery and interim payments can be arranged in case of financial difficulties.