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Accounting Jobs are one of the sought after jobs by a commerce student and why not it is one of the most well-payed jobs in India. But the question arises as to how one can become an accountant and what are their job’s roles and responsibilities.

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To know more about this wonderful career option lets dive into  job responsibilities of an accountant:

Job Responsibilities:

  • They are required to provide financial information to the management and for that, they have to research really well and analyze the accounting data, they even have to prepare reports regarding the same.
  • An accountant is responsible for correct entries that are done compiling and analyzing account information.
  • They also help in documenting the financial transaction by entering account information.
  • They even recommend financial actions after they analyze the accounting options.
  • It is also their job to summarize current financial status by collecting information and along with that they also prepare the balance sheet, profit and loss statement with other reports.
  • Verifies financial transactions by auditing the required documents.
  • They are also required to control the accountings and recommend the right policies and procedures.
  • They have to be really careful with the data so they have to have a data back up to avoid data loss.
  • They also have to take care of financial security by following some internal controls.
  • They have to prepare payments by doing certain verification of documents and hence request for disbursements.
  • An accountant also has to answer accounting procedures by researching questions by researching and learning more about the accounting policies, rules, and regulations.
  • Their job also includes preparing special financial reports by collecting and analyzing specific account information and following the new trends.
  • As an accountant, they are required to deal with a lot of confidential data so they need to be really careful with the data.

Accountant Qualifications / Skills:

  • Must know how to do basic accounting
  • An accountant must have knowledge about how to corporate finance
  • Along with the accounting skills, he/she must have reporting skills
  • Must be really good at paying attention to details
  • Moreover, an accountant must be deadline-oriented so that he/she be really good at finishing the work before the set time period.
  • He must be good at reporting research results
  • As the work of an accountant is really confidential so he must maintain confidentiality
  • Must know how to manage time along with regular activities.
  • An accountant must have data entry management skills as well

Education and Experience needed

  • The person must have a Bachelor’s or master’s degree in tax, accounting, or finance


  • Minimum 1-2 years’ experience in accounting/finance
  • Experience with financial reporting requirements
  • An accountant must have experience in working with multiple legal entities under some senior accountant.

They have a great future and have a lot of job opportunities in almost every city in the world and specifically in India. To become an accountant you need to start working from the start and can take up some internships along with the course. Because no matter the kind of business an accountant is needed so it doesn’t matter if you’re looking out for accounting jobs in Delhi or Lucknow, you can easily get it if you have the required skills.

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