All You Need to Know About NASDAQ: DKNG

DraftKings is a leading American giant in the area of betting for daily fantasy sports and betting contests. If we look at the history of the company, it was founded in the year 2012 by a group of 3 aspiring gentlemen. Jason Robins, Matthew Kalish, and Paul Liberman are the three pillars of the gaming and betting company. In its initial days, the firm received money for its development from Ryan Moore that ran Accomplice Company. Seeing its growth and future prospects Major League Baseball invested in the betting company in 2013.

It was no stopping when it came to getting investors in NASDAQ: DKNG at Again in 2013 companies like BDS Venture Fund, GGV Capital, Jordan Mendell, and Redpoint Ventures invested in the company. The turning point came in 2015 when the company received a license from the Gambling Commission in 2015 to operate its betting related games in the United Kingdom.

DraftKings launched its legal betting on sports in New Jersey for the betting enthusiasts on cell phones and online. There is a lot of fan base in West Virginia and Indiana for sports betting. NASDAQ: DKNG tied up with casinos across various Resorts. There are various sports that are best for DraftKings. Some of the major sports include football and basketball.

The companyhas not only expanded its strength in the games but also various analytics across these fields. Predictive analytics is one of the major entertainment fields in DraftKings that is looked out for. With the firm spread across various locations, it has drawn various players and sports enthusiastic into its fold. There are a variety of bets across various sports that attract customers or players.

On the other side of development in technology, these events and bets across the sports are also accessed online. The customer can sign-up in theDKNGwith a deposit of $500 which is 100% risk-free. The total details of the bet across various sports are provided to the player which makes them play for the selected games they have opted for. The betting money is also displayed on the screen for the player.

DraftKings is also available in an app format that is played by many players on their mobile phones. It is in an android app format that can be downloaded and played. The player can play multiple games on the app and also link their respective account to the app. Through this, the player can bet for the game and the transaction for the money will take place post the game. DraftKings also has a platform for casino games and the blackjack is the famous one.  Today you can buy these stock at day trading software. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.