Best Holiday Packages on the Entire Island Bintan


Bintan is among the handiest and reasonably priced weekend destinations that we could see to escape our crowded and stressful Singapore.

Among Bintan’s major attractions is its own world-class beach hotels, with their pristine shores and detailed amenities & activities. The island is known to be a golfing harbor for many golf fans, with a number of its elite golf classes.

Over the previous twenty decades, tens of thousands of Singaporeans go on brief Bintan excursions every weekend. Considering its significance and proximity to Singapore, it has ever been. It will remain to become among Singaporeans’ favorite weekend shore getaways.

There are more vacationers from neighboring countries, such as China, India, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan, who’d incorporate a Bintan excursion as part of the trip on vacation to Singapore.

Where’s Bintan?

It is situated on the south-west facet of Singapore.

If you are staying in one of the upscale hotels in the Northern Lagoi region, you might take Bintan Resort Ferry.

You will take Sindo Ferry if you are staying in one of Tanjung Pinang town resorts or Bintan hotels, which are in the Eastern area of the island. It might take slightly over 1.5 hours to reach precisely the Tanjung Pinang ferry terminal together using the Sindo ferry.

Things To Do in Bintan?

Most travelers visit Bintan to get a beach escape. Because most passengers are staying for only 2 Days 1 Night or 3 Days 2 Nights, they’d instead devote their whole stay entirely at the hotel and plan their own actions inside the hotel. So it is essential to select a hotel that provides your favorite pursuits and has amenities that fit your wants.

You can learn more about the island if you would love to. You might pick the various Bintan tours like mangrove excursion, fireflies excursion, and Tanjung Pinang city excursion. Maybe you want to enjoy a golf game, adventure flying onto a seaplane, or perform some water sport activities.

The Way To Stay At Bintan?

Suppose it comes to deciding on a hotel or hotel for the stay in Bintan. It is all dependent on your most important objectives for your trip, your taste, and your financial plan.

Suppose you would like to try out a brand new adventure of staying in an exceptional accommodation. In that case, you can consider hotels that are different from your routine.

To get glamping (glamorous) design, you might go for Your Canopi. Presently this is the latest hotel in Bintan. To reserve for a weekend stay, then you may have to book 2-3 months beforehand.

Every chalet is on the shore, and you can measure on the beach the instant that you start your chalet door.

Mayang Sari Beach Resort Chalets are incredibly popular with families with young kids who adore the sunshine, shore, and rustic character.

For a hotel with a large selection of actions, various accommodation styles, and its own nightclub, consider Bintan Lagoon Resort.

For a hotel with a massive compound with types of food outlets, heaps of water and land activities, and kids and adults favorable, check out Nirwana Resort.

For those who have stayed at some of the favorite hotels in the Lagoi region and need to research the more scenic and much more ‘local’ hotels, select Bintan Agro Beach Resort or even Bintan SpaVilla Beach Resort.

Even though Bintan SpaVilla is on a significantly smaller chemical with minimal actions, it gives excellent ocean view rooms and over-the-water suites.

Whatever your decision may be, please make sure to look at our best Bintan packages before settling on your Bintan vacation.

The Way to Visit Bintan?

Each includes a fixed daily program that provides multiple timings.

Travelers may get Bintan holiday promotions, or even the regular ferry tickets, either right from some of those ferry operators’ sites. You could go to some of the significant online booking platforms to test, compare, and reserve your favorite hotel.

Concerning the number of clients we’ve served and the costs that we’re offering, we’re the No. 1 Bintan representative in Singapore.

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