Corporate Communications Create Company Success

The biotech industry is one of the most technologically advanced and as such uses a wide range of communication systems. The solutions being solved are not only keeping teams in contact, but also leadership, legal, and marketing teams; research must be considered not just from a scientific perspective but also legal and marketing as well. As such communication between teams must be enforced at all times. This means that a number of different techniques are used to keep up communications between teams and departments in order to keep everyone in the loop. This makes the company that much easier to keep ahead of the curve and to be aware of any potential issues before they become issues.

Corporate communications in the biotech industry start with the binder. This helps to orient new hires, keeps everyone up on current rules and procedures, and track some paperwork. Binders are used to share information in both graphics and text, with pictures and graphs being put next to explanatory information. This enables a group to ensure that everyone is on the same page and has access to the same information and is in a form that is not dependent on electricity. It can also be used at meetings to better show what is going on as well as delineate what is being discussed. It may be decidedly low-tech, but they can be very effective in their own way.

Telephones are ubiquitous and with good reason: They provide a way to keep in touch no matter where the person is and are easy to keep on the person, be it a pocket or a purse. From a communications perspective, they provide a number of advantages: calls, texts, and photos/videos. Anyone can be called to provide a more in-depth response while a text can give a brief response to a quick query; by combining the two a conversation can be held that should take care of almost any situation. Photos and videos can provide more information as well as be used in marketing; nothing makes the situation as clear as a photo or video of the situation and nothing makes marketing as happy as to have something visual they can show investors and reporters.

Laptops have become popular enough that they have become a major part of a company’s communications network. This means e-mail, which allows for the swift dispersal of information and can include complete files. Combined with photos and videos a rather complete picture can be created. Laptops can also be used in a lot of the same areas as phones can, allowing for face-to-face meetings and even allowing for groups to hold meetings with no one in the same room. They can also allow access to a company intranet and private discussion boards, allowing teams to confer and gain advice by posting messages and tracking any responses.

By combining all of these modes of communications teams can make sure that particular research can go smoothly with all members of the team in full communication, and then that can be run through legal for potential issues and then through marketing when it is ready to be marketed. This makes communication that much clearer and thus that much more effective. A company is only as good as its communications, making communications the basis of any successful company.

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