Hot foil stamping or Metal Inks: What to choose?

The packaging industry has significantly developed over the years. No matter how small it appears, it is a huge industry, with several potential advantages. Moreover, there has been a significant introduction of different styles as well.

One of the many additions to the packaging industry is the introduction of foil stamping and metal inks. The process of metal decoration can eventually enhance the look, thereby helping it appear more sophisticated and good. Metalized decorating technique provides an uncertain gleam to the product package. Even if the area is crowded, a custom is sure to get attracted towards marketing.

Not only does it aesthetically pleases the audience but also is one efficient tip for marketing. Anything shiny is sure to attract the attention of customers, rather than something that is already so boring. Shiny materials tend to capture everyone’s attention, and helps to create a subconscious value of the product as well.

If you have been looking for ways to package your products, metalized packaging techniques will be the best. Some of the prominent types of metalized packaging technique include metal stamping and foil printing. There has been a constant struggle to determine which one would be the best.

Hot Foil Stamping

This is one of those procedures that has been in the market for a long time. These contribute towards creating a metallic finish. Although it was found a long time back, it has undergone several technical changes over time. Hot stamping allows you to put a stamp over different areas as per your needs such as large surfaces to extremely fine ones.


  • If you are promoting environmental consciousness among your clients, hot foil stamping can be helpful since it is environment-friendly.
  • Helps to get the perfect texture for display and enhances visibility.

Metalized inks

In the case of metalized inks, real metal particles are added to the ink. This isn’t your general ink but a special one. These particles on being imparted help to provide a unique glow. Metalized inks are added in the initial process of printing only.


  • Creates fine details
  • Helps to attain subtle impact
  • Variety of colors is present as an option

Which one to choose?

Often people become confused about what to use, metalized ink or hot foil stamping. However, this entirely depends on the market revenue, coverage area, budget, and the popularity of your products. You can get in touch with experts at solution emballage clé en main Netpak to explain your problem and find the potential packaging solution and draw customers.