How PPC Marketing Campaigns Can Increase Jewelry Sales Online?

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The sponsored ad seen on Google search result pages having yellow label are the Pay per Click ads will be discussed in this post. PPC marketing means using search engine ads for generating clicks on your items instead of earning them organically.

How pay-per-click works?

Every time your advertisement gets clicked a visitor is transferred to your jewelry website. For this the search engine is paid a small fee. The fees seem insignificant for a well-designed and managed PPC campaign because traffic towards your ecommerce site is more than your payments. For example, you have to pay $5 for a click on the double pearl earrings and the click resulted in a sale of $245. It means you earned significantly with a single click.

PPC is advantageous for –

  • Searchers – Searchers find the highly relevant ads appealing because it fits their needs.
  • Advertisers – Advertisers get a chance to advertise their items before searchers searching for their products.
  • Search engines – Search engines get a chance to serve the advertisers and searchers simultaneously.

Google rewards great performances. It means better ads, greater click-through rates and lower costs. Google digs in the bidding advertiser’s pool and selects winners appearing on search result page as sponsored ads. Certain factors are considered while choosing like ad text as well as keyword size bid, relevance and quality. Ad rank metric gets calculated by –

CPC bid [maximum bid specified for keyword] X quality score [relevance, click-through rate, landing page quality, and more].potential customers get reached at the cost that suits your budget. Fortunately, advertisers can offer search engines relevancy, which even delivers targeted ads in front of seekers, who are really looking for your item.

Keyword research for PPC

Effective keyword list needs to be –

  • Relevant
  • Long tail keywords
  • Extensive
  • Even include negative keywords, so that ads will be prevented from showing on irrelevant searches

How to manage PPC campaigns?

Consistent performance analysis makes a huge difference. You can make adjustments and optimize your PPC campaigns.

  • Add relevant PPC keywords to expand your reach.
  • Add negative keyword to enhance relevancy and decrease against wasted spend.
  • Review underperforming keywords that tend to cost you more and if necessary remove them.
  • Refine the landing pages.

Constant optimization of PPC campaigns help to grow consumer base and ROI.