How to Tackle Tracking Number of Your Package

First, when the deposit has prepared your order for shipping, you will receive an email with the tracking number and the contents of the package. You can usually track your package that same night or the next business day. Click on the tracking number to be able to track your package or copy and paste it on the carrier’s website and Notify the parcel number [แจ้งเลขพัสดุ, which is the term in Thai].

A tracking number or barcode [บาร์โค้ด, which is the term in Thai] will be given for each package that is sent separately. So, if you have products that will be shipped from different warehouses, you will receive multiple tracking numbers.

Tracking information will be provided once the carrier has picked up your package and scanned it for entry into your tracking system. After the courier scans the box, the tracking status will show an origin scan or something similar. Then, you should receive your package within the selected delivery time.

Tracking Number Not Found

Occasionally, you may receive the “tracking number not found” message in response. Below are the reasons why this happens;

  • He received the shipping notification before the package arrived at the carrier’s terminal to be scanned. This is the cause of most tracking errors, and if you wait a couple of hours, you can see the progress of the scan and the scan.
  • He received the shipping notification today, but the carrier will pick up the package the next day. Large distribution centers often experience this inconvenience frequently. It is possible that the carrier picked up the bag earlier that day, or that the box was still on the conveyor belt when the carrier left the premises. When tens of thousands of packages are processed, some processed packages can continue on the conveyor belt at the time of the carrier’s departure.
  • In reality, there is very little chance that something negative has happened to your package. These events are isolated and occur in less than one-tenth of 1 per cent of cases. These events are: