Main Advantages Of Shrink Wrapping For Businesses

Shrink wrapping has so many uses and benefits and despite knowing the product many people are often still questioning what is shrink wrap? Can I use it? Is it useful? So here we are going to try to answer all of those burning questions you may have.

What is shrink wrapping?

Shrink Wrap is a plastic film that uses heat to tightly secure and pack an object to fit its exact shape, it doesn’t matter what size or shape the object is, shrink wrap can still be used.

How does it work?

Shrink wrapping works by using heat. Once the heat is applied to the surface, it starts the shrinking process. The shrinking wrap then seals itself around the object providing a nice tight (and snug) fit. Different methods can be used, depending on the item. For instance, smaller items are often placed into a bag with heat applied using a heat gun, sealing the object. Some items may be shrink wrapped using an adjustable tube and others will use a machine. Companies generally use a shrink-wrapping machine since this is easier and quicker as it heats, seals and wraps at the same time.

What are the advantages of using shrink wrap?

Shrink wrapping is incredibly versatile. It can be used across a wide range of industries to wrap pretty much anything, but aside from that it’s also beneficial for the following reasons, listed below:

  • Provides utmost protection

Once an item is shrink wrapped, no matter the size, it provides a tight seal. This tight plastic seal is one of the best ways to protect an item since it keeps dust, dirt and moisture at bay. Shrink wrap also helps to protect against strong UV rays and often (when packaged thick) will offer shock absorbency during transit.

  • Durability of the product

Shrink wrap is extremely durable. More so than most other products in the industry since it never weakens or becomes brittle due to the elements. The plastic is sturdy and strong and makes puncturing and tearing difficult. Once items are securely shrink-wrapped, the plastic maintains its firm tight seal and never loosens or sags.

  • Tamper proof

One of the great things about using shrink wrap is that it’s hard for anyone to tamper with the object without it being noticeably evident. For companies such as pharmaceuticals, food industries, or banks, it provides added security in knowing that items are tamperproof. In these cases, it is generally used shrink wrap that changes colour when stretched, to further aid protection and security.

  • Inexpensive

Shrink wrapping is one of the most affordable packing materials in the industry but not only that it’s also great for space-saving too, helping to reduce costs for businesses. Items that are shrink-wrapped take up far less space meaning more items can be transported at once or kept in storage, thus helping to reduce costs.

  • Branding/logo

Shrink wrapping can be designed to represent your brand. Things such as logos, colours, messages and pictures can be applied to the wrapping film, making it a great marketing tool for business. Custom designed shrink wraps help to advertise and spread awareness of your brand.

  • Longer shelf life

Shrink wrapped items will stay preserved for longer. Food grade designs help to aid the shelf life of items from factory to store, keeping them fresher for longer during transit.

  • Convenience

Shrink wrapping is highly convenient. It can be used to wrap pretty much anything meaning that businesses does not need an abundance of different materials for packing purposes. You can wrap items no matter how big or small, and when we say big, we mean a ‘whole building’ big, that’s how convenient and versatile this product actually is.

Shrink wrapping requires only plastic and heat, and once you have the right tools and product, you can start wrapping whatever you like, items are then weatherproof, waterproof and tamperproof! Since there’s no limits in size, you can wrap things as big or small as you like and once it’s used it’s also recyclable and can be sent to a recycling plant, remade, and be ready to use again, bonus!