Mining Health and Safety: The UMMC Model

Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) has stood out from others in the mining industry for its commitment to health and safety of workers in its facilities. As cases for the injuries and fatalities in the mining industry keep hitting the headlines, UMMC has adopted an impressive model that has reduced the injuries with a huge margin. This is the UMMC health and safety way.

Principle of Prioritizing Worker’s Safety

Since its inception, UMMC’s management has always insisted that high production is only possible when workers are safe and healthy. To achieve this, the company has made workers health and safety a priority in every system. Operating safely in the industry has become the new bottom-line.

  • The company encourages employees to develop responsible attitude.
  • Workers are trained to understand the operational and safety procedures needed to prevent or escape accident.
  • All staff working at UMMC must always have the right safety attire.

Multi-level Monitoring and Control

To operate safely in the mining niche, it is important to acquire and use technology in place. New technology can help to monitor risks and ensuring they are mitigated as fast as possible. UMMC has installed a multi-level monitoring and control systems that make it easy for employees and management know when there is a risk. For example, if a harmful gas such as methane is noted, especially in the underground mines, workers and the management are notified immediately.

By using advanced monitoring systems, UMMC has managed to reduce the rate of injuries per 1000 employees with a huge margin in the last five years.

Progressive Health Monitoring

When people work in the mining industry, they are exposed to different chemicals and gases that can harm them. To ensure that workers at UMMC are always healthy, they are checked regularly. If any problem associated to toxic gases exposure or lifting heavy items is noted, remedial measures are initiated immediately.

UMMC Operations are guided by Law

To guarantee its workers of a healthy and safe environment, UMMC operations are guided by local and international laws. The company’s aim is trying to ensure that all workers are safe, healthy, and happy.

  • UMMC uses the latest technology to enhance the safety of workers.
  • The company employs the industry best practices to optimize returns while increasing workers’ safety.

By putting workers ahead of everything else, UMMC has become a case study of how mining ventures should optimize their operations safely and within the law.