Strong Addiction To Forex Trading? Here’s How You Get Out!


Do you continue to trade despite having promised to stop? Has this investment activity taken over you to create problems in your family and friends relationships? Are you the victim of financial problems because of trading? Have you tried to wipe out your losses by increasing the size of your following positions? Do you ever speculate by boredom? Is the pain associated with a loss more intense than the satisfaction obtained after winning a trade? If you answer “YES” to one or more of these questions, then you are most likely a victim of a trading addiction! Below, the best binary signals offer some solutions that will allow you to overcome the dependence on trading that you face.

Take a break!

Leave your desktop, your computer and your trading platform aside for a while, feel free to stay away from your trading station for several days or weeks if that’s what you need. Get out of the house, play a sport, or stay home with those around you if you need to relax. Whatever you do during your break, give yourself some free time and stop thinking about stock charts. In the same way as high-level athletes, you need time to decompress and rest physically but also psychologically, this break will provide your mind with the necessary time to recover and relax but also come back even stronger.

Establish A Follow-Up Via A Trading Log

A trading journal has its advantages; it helps to strengthen patience and discipline continually. By keeping a trading log that details all of your activity on the financial markets, i.e., all your ideas, your thoughts, and your actions, you will also find it easier to see if you have fallen into overtrading (trading abuse), so you set limits. Hold this trading journal publicly on specific trading forums will also make your exchange and discuss with other enthusiasts, so you can get their opinion, this opinion of others can make you aware and make you more easily manage your trading dependence while allowing you to take specific steps in the result.

Set Limits

Set a maximum daily loss of 1%, 2% or 3% of your capital, regardless, just make sure you set a concrete and reasonable loss limit, and then stick to it. Setting a maximum loss allows you to maintain control over your own trading, something that people who experience an addiction cannot do by nature.

Keep in mind that your highest priority is to preserve your capital so that you can earn money in the financial markets over time. It is true that during specific trading sessions you can feel the essential need to take a position on the market even when it comes to days during which the courses evolve in a totally irrational way, it is necessary to fight against this need of to speculate and to be careful not to crack psychologically speaking. Trading is a profitable activity for many of us, but it is above all passions and not a self-destruction process!