The Essentials Of Texas Injury Benefit Programs

Texas injury benefit programs came into fruition back in 1989. The government-run system for workers injured on the job had a complete meltdown. Insurance companies also began a mass exodus from the Texas workers’ compensation market. They opted out due to uncontrolled and unmonitored legal and medical payments. Similarly, thousands of Texas employers had to drop their workers’ compensation insurance plans to stay in business.

This resulted in thousands of Texas workers without any compensation insurance coverage to protect them against workplace injuries. These workers were disabled with insurmountable debt due to amassing medical bills and related expenses. Their only reliefs were legal claims and lawsuits against negligent employers who failed to provide safe, adequate environments for employees.

In response to the confusion, the Texas Legislature re-wrote the Texas Workers’ Compensation Act. This resulted in the first occupational injury benefits for workers across the state. The Texas injury benefit programs were split up into the following three options:

Opt-In to Workers’ Compensation

Texas injury benefit programs are considered one of the best compensation systems for injured workers in America.

Opt-In to QCARE

The QCARE program delivers better medical services and outcomes for workers. This includes improved benefits, along with cost-savings. This plan also meets the ten essential standards to earn the optimal designation.


Texas employers may opt-out of plans if they don’t meet industry standards or QCare designation. They may opt for alternative insurance policies that provide injury benefits for employees that were injured on the job. This includes slips and falls, along with injuries sustained from working with dangerous machinery or in unsafe conditions. Every employer in Texas MUST have some form of worker’s compensation or face penalties, fines, and possible lawsuits from injured workers.

The current Texas workers’ compensation system is one of the best programs in America. 72% of Texas employers now have worker’s compensation coverage as mandated by state law. Nearly all Texas workers are covered by worker’s comp or similar injury benefit programs. To date, these programs have performed the following:

• Offered simple, injury benefit protection for over one million Texas workers every day.
• Resolved over one million injury claims with billions of dollars in benefits and negligence liability judgments and settlements to injured workers and their families.
• Generated billions in cost savings and economic growth for Texas.
• Helped create one of the most reliable and high-performing employee compensation plans in the country.

The Main Goals of Texas Workers’ Compensation Plans

Texas worker’s compensation plans are designed for employee advocacy. The process is now simpler for employees that need to file injury claims for reimbursement from employers. With better customer services and simple processes, the statewide plan has produced great outcomes and favorable results for all involved.

The programs are based on direct communications between employees, employers, and claims processors. This allows injured employees to receive medical care faster from leading medical providers. Employers are also encouraged to make their businesses safer and conducive to better working environments for employees across the board. With improved benefits and lower costs, the plans have helped employers create new jobs with more money available.