Types of Business Structures for Malta Company Set up

Setting a Maltese company comes with several advantages, including the exclusive taxation system, which offers 6/7 refunds to foreigners. A Malta company setup also gives full-tax exemption for a holding company and no stamp duties or withholding taxes in case of profit repatriation. Considering the low costs of company formation and maintenance, foreign investors may have several other reasons to go with a Malta company set up.

Company Types in Malta

Foreign enterprisers interested in setting up a Maltese company may choose between many different business entities as per their specific requirements. Using the Maltese commercial code, you can incorporate your business in Malta with one of the following structures.

Public Limited Liability Company

Large businesses may benefit from these types of companies to run their set up in a foreign country. If you own a large-sized corporation and want to spread your business in a foreign country that offers taxation benefits, a public limited liability company in Malta is the right choice.

General partnerships

Unlike large-sized businesses, the structure of general partnership for a Maltese company is the best option for small and medium-sized companies with the potential to spread globally.

Limited Partnerships

The limited partnership is another structure, which comes under the general partnership business structure category. You can also use a limited partnership for a Maltese company formation since it has the same characteristics as general partnerships. Sole proprietorships are also available for foreigners who want to carry out business activities in their name.

In addition to others, foreign businesses also have other options in Malta, including branches, subsidiaries, and liaison offices. These business structures differ in the degree of independence about the parent company and the activities, which enterprisers can undertake on the local market. Contact a reliable law firm to get legal assistance for setting up any of these business structures in Malta.