Uses of Recycled Cooking Oil

Recycling of used cooking oil has gained lots of traction over the years as the industry has grown from an idea to a growing employer in many economies.

Recycling cooking oil has helped lower the number of clogged sinks in our homes. As more and more homes and hotels are collecting oil for recycling, used oil recycling companies find new and innovative ways to use the recycled cooking oil.

Here are some of the uses of recycled cooking oil.


This is one of the most common products in which used cooking oil is used as a raw material. As more and more countries seek ways to cut down on the industrial environmental pollution, they are passing laws that encourage companies to use biofuel.

Biofuel is an organic fuel made from cooking oil. It is cleaner than fossil produced fuels that have high pollution rates and destroy the environment quickly and easily.

Biofuels are cheaper than fossil fuels and thus they not only help clean the environment but also help lower costs of running businesses.

Animal feeds

Used cooking oil companies also use their product as a raw material for animal feeds. However, this is more complicated than expected. Since the used cooking oil may have been used to cook something that could be harmful to some people, it is important that recycled used cooking oil used as ingredients in the making of animal feeds are strictly monitored.

With strict monitoring, Uco industries can manufacture high quality animal feed that helps improve yields and profits for farmers.


Another industry that is affected positively by the recycling of used cooking oil is cosmetics manufacturing. As more and more people move away from the use of harmful chemicals on their face and bodies, cosmetic manufacturers are looking for natural and better ingredients for the products.

As oil is a major ingredient in cosmetics, recycled used cooking oil makes for the best natural ingredient. When used for cosmetics production, it will lower the chances of cosmetics causing allergic reactions on their users.


This is one of the easiest products that can be made from recycled used cooking oil. The process that is undertaken in the company is more complicated, but will produce high quality soap.

At home, households that store their used cooking oil for recycling can also make soap. They can add perfumes into the cooking oil and eventually have a perfumed home-made soap.


Another product that can be made from used cooking oil is fertilizer. This is a fertilizer that is friendly to the soil and beneficial to the crop that it is used to strengthen and grow.


Used cooking oil is also used to make lubricants. It could be a homemade lubricant that can be applied to the garage door during winter when the grease is frozen over. It can also be used to help thaw the ice that is frozen on key holes at the door of your house and at your car.

Enhance the fight against global warming and climate change

As more and more households adopt the recycling of used cooking oil, there is more awareness about how the climate is changing and what individuals can do to help mitigate this. The information and education gained goes a long way for people to ensure that in their daily activities, they are taking good care of the environment.

Recycling cooking oil, a product that touches as many homes and individuals as possible ensures that people are keen on what is going on around their environment. They will strive to keep their environment clean and free of pollution.


Used cooking oil industries have helped lots of industries come into terms with global warming and climate change. As a result, many industries are adopting environmentally friendly products that are made from recycled used cooking oil. This has helped them grow and reach many people and companies that supply them with their used cooking oil.