When is the Singapore Elections in 2020?

The Singapore Elections is going to happen on July 10, 2020. The elections will see politicians from various parties contest for people’s votes to make their way into the parliament. The polling day is also a public holiday in Singapore so that every citizen can practice their rights to vote.

What are the Highlights of This Year’s Polling Day?

Right now, the world is on the hiatus because of the Coronavirus. So, holding the general elections is going to be challenging for the Election Department. However, various guidelines have been issued, which prioritize the health of the voters.

No Mass Campaigns

Of course, there can be electoral campaigns, but they should be held through telecommunication. Political parties will need to make use of the internet to tell people their visions for Singapore. Furthermore, each candidate will get airtime on the national level television.

The Election Department has released updates for E-rallies in different venues for the candidates. All in all, even if the campaigns are going to be different from the previous years, candidates have the infrastructures to communicate what they want to say to the people.

What about the Safety of the Voters?

The polling day 2020 in Singapore will see a lot of safety considerations. Voters will be required to wear masks and go through a temperature screening. Hand sanitization is a must before receiving ballot papers, and voters need to wear disposable gloves.

There will be more Polling Stations.

The single best way to control the spread of a disease is to regulate crowds. Keeping this in mind, there will be 220 additional polling stations on this year’s elections. This means that there will be a total of 1,100 polling stations, and around 2,400 people get to vote on each of them.

Citizens in SHNs will also be able to vote. Special polling stations are being made on SHN facilities around the city-state. The Election Department Singapore has also reported that they will find a way for voters in SHN in their own homes.

In addition, there will be ten polling stations outside Singapore in Australia, the USA, UAE, the UK, Hong Kong, Japan, and the People’s Republic of China.