Why Virtual Training Is Necessary These Days?

Workers’ training should not be carried out in the same way for everyone. Choose flexible training approaches that are suited for you to fulfil your training goals when building your employee training programme. Competency-based virtual negotiation is been provided and training geared to empower your workers with the knowledge, skills, and understanding required to show competence to industry standards, using both e-learning and instructor-led courses.

Fundamental education

Fundamental training entails acquiring the fundamental knowledge and abilities required to perform the job function.

Topics covered in foundational learning include:

  • Basic understanding of electronics theory and electrical engineering
  • Basic understanding of hydraulic and pneumatic system concepts
  • Fundamental understanding of mechanical system theory
  • A choice of online basic training courses is been provided. Learn more about the core classes that are offered by reviewing the curriculum descriptions.

Please keep in mind that prior to any product-specific training, it is strongly advised to learners to obtain a solid foundation of knowledge.


E-learning is perfect for your staff who need product-specific training. This technique allows them to go through the course materials as many times as they need to in order to fully comprehend the topic. The course materials include interesting 2D and 3D graphics, photographs, and animations to help students learn more effectively.

The following examples of product-specific training:

  • System description
  • Work’s theoretical basis
  • Diagnostics of the system

Techniques for System Inspection and Maintenance

You and your staff can access the training at any time, from any location, and in a variety of languages. You may decrease training expenditures by using virtual training courses, and your employees can learn at their own pace and in their comfortable environment. Furthermore, this format enables you to maintain consistent training standards for all of your employees around the world.

Training with an instructor

For product-specific skill-based training courses, instructor-led training (ILT) is ideal. There is a instructor-led training is been provided as well as field training at your location.

Instructor-led training allows your personnel to gain hands-on exposure with cutting-edge system components. During classroom sessions, trainees are exposed to specific product skills before being moved to the training lab for hands-on training in successful troubleshooting and maintenance of specialised equipment.

On-site training is available at any of your locations, utilising your equipment. This approach allows teachers to customise the training procedure to your unique machine types, allowing personnel to be instructed directly on their equipment. The regional instructors can provide training suited to your specific needs utilising world-class approaches.

Virtual instruction with an instructor

Instructor-led virtual training is been provided with the same level of quality as face-to-face training for even greater scheduling freedom. The teachers connect with your technicians and operators using a range of media, to reduce travel costs.

The virtual learning investigates the themes of existing online courses that are organised in two to four hour periods. They can be developed and carried out in small group sessions with maintenance training. Operator training is conducted on the same platform as maintenance training, with the exception that the presence of a local agent is recommended to assist with the instruction. You can also do “coaching” sessions to go through issues including recommended operating methods.